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Get Your Car Winter Ready

Winter conditions can be really harsh on your car, so it’s important to give your car that bit more TLC in the colder months.

Driving in Winter puts additional strain on your car and your engine has to work much harder to get you from A to B.

There are plenty of maintenance tips you can use to ensure your car does not succumb to the cold conditions:

  1. Winter Tyres

Winter tyres offer the best possible grip and traction in cold weather conditions. The deeper grooves help disperse the snow or water, meaning there is more tyre in contact with the road surface. Whilst Winter Tyres won’t help you drive more efficiently, they will improve driver safety as stopping distances are reduced.

  1. Demist your car

Before setting off, you want to ensure your car is completely demisted and you have a clear view through the windscreen as well as your windows, for the safety of yourself and other road users. When moisture in the air comes into contact with your windscreen, it cools and condenses. A good flow of air will help reduce the condensation on your windscreen.

Most drivers will keep the air-con running to reduce the condensation on the windscreen, but having the air-con running on full for the whole journey is not efficient. It’s recommended you leave the window down slightly to allow the condensation to disperse. Then you can put the air con on a low setting to maintain the atmosphere.

It is recommended you start the air con on a low, cold setting rather than raising it up to hot initially. Hot air from the air con will only form again as condensation.

  1. Fuel up

It’s important to check you have enough petrol in your car before setting off, especially in Winter. During colder conditions, your car will be utilising more fuel, mainly from the air conditioning system or with the windscreen wipers running constantly but other aspects can also have an effect, such as stopping and starting more often.

It is also important to keep fuel levels up to prevent a breakdown in cold conditions.

  1. Coolant and screenwash

You want to ensure your coolant levels meet the manufacturer requirements and ensure your screenwash is topped up in order to clean any mud or dirt that forms on the windscreen during your journey.

  1. Regular cleaning

Your car will become noticeably dirtier in the Winter months, mainly due to the amount of salt on the road surface that will naturally get lifted onto your car. This is both to ensure your visibility is clear and also to prevent any long term damage to your car.

The underside of your car will also need attention as a lot of salt from the road surface can end up manifesting and corroding the underside.

We have a number of Perrys dealership locations that can help with any Winter checks your car needs, so don’t leave it until it's too late to get your car ready for the cold months.

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