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Low-cost cars for first time drivers

If you are a new driver, or you are anticipating that you will be taking your driving test shortly, now is the time to think about purchasing your very first motor.

The process can be quite daunting, especially if you aren’t a big petrol head and there’s the danger of getting overwhelmed by technical details.

What to look for in a first car

There are many things to consider when it comes to purchasing your very first car and it’s important to consider all these factors before you set your heart on a particular make and model. There are also considerations to make before making that final decision, including regular ongoing costs and organising car insurance.

  1. Insurance Group

Insurance can be one of the most cost-heavy parts of owning a car, especially if you are a young driver. Without an existing no claims bonus, you can expect to be paying several hundred pounds, if not thousands, so if cost is an issue for you, you may want to know which the cheapest cars are to insure.

You can reduce your insurance premium by opting for a higher voluntary excess or even having a black box fitted, which means you share your driving data with your insurer in order to keep the cost of your premium lower. The black box will limit you to certain speeds and safe driving is incentivised.

You can check the insurance group of a car you have in mind before you even head to the dealership, so browsing the online showroom to do all the research you need first can be much less stressful.

Insurance groups are generally set based on the cost to repair and replace the car in the event of an accident.

Low insurance group cars for first-time drivers:

  1. Low cost to run

If you have recently passed your driving test, it could be assumed you are a young adult therefore, disposable income might be much less than it was if you were older.

In which case, you want to consider a car that is cheap to run, rather than a gas guzzler.

Smaller, more compact cars will cost much less to run each month as they have smaller engines and require less energy to drive the vehicle.

Also, another thing to consider is a newer car, as the more modern the technology, the more efficient it is. You could benefit from a car that is under 3 years old rather than one that is nearing 10 years old.

Although an older can will be cheaper to purchase initially, it may be more costly in the long run with regular repairs and reduced fuel efficiency.

  1. Mileage

The number of miles the car has clocked up might not be at the top of your list when it comes to looking for your first car, but it should absolutely be something to consider. When the time comes to sell the car, you will have clocked up more miles overall, so if you want a better valuation. The lower the miles, the more the car will be worth overall.

Not only this, the lower the mileage, the less the engine has had to work over the years. Therefore, you can expect the car to require less maintenance but, this is the general rule of thumb rather than a hard and fast rule.

  1. Size

The size of the vehicle can have a direct effect on the insurance group and fuel efficiency. A larger car will use more fuel, even to just move the car, so unless you really need the space of a large hatchback, estate car, or SUV, you would be best to stick to a compact hatchback to keep costs down.

Larger vehicles use more fuel, especially when accelerating or stopping and starting, so driving in a city environment can drastically increase your fuel costs if you opt for a larger car.

  1. Driver-assist features

Newer cars often come equipped with a range of driver-assist features as standard, helping you navigate city centres or areas that are unfamiliar.

As a new driver, these driver-assist features can help you get from A to B as stress-free as possible, especially on motorways where having multiple lanes of traffic can be overwhelming.

Driver-assist has features such as traffic sign recognition, lane departure warning, and even parking sensors which can provide that much-needed assistance to help you navigate and park with ease.

If you need any help choosing your first car, visit Perrys Used Car Outlet in either Doncaster, Milton Keynes, or Luton and we would be happy to help.

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