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Save money by driving economically

Driving economically is the best way of saving money on fuel whilst also preserving the condition of your car in the process.

What we will cover:

What is economical driving

Economical driving is simply adapting the way you drive to benefit from better fuel efficiency. By driving economically, you use less fuel, which means you are travelling further for the same amount of fuel.

Reducing your MPG

The higher the MPG (miles per gallon), the more economical your car is as it effectively means you are travelling further for the same amount of fuel. Your MPG reduces when your engine needs to use fuel and, although this is fractional, it soon can add up, especially if you are making regular journeys.

There is no technical way to improve your MPG, but your driving style can have a direct effect on how far your fuel will take you. Although newer cars are generally manufactured to be more economical.

How to drive more economically

So, how do you drive more economically in order to save money? Well, there’s generally a combination of adaptations you need to make to your driving style to see these benefits, but your car will thank you in the long run.

  1. 1. Drive in a higher gear

By driving in a higher gear, your car will use less fuel as there will be fewer revs of the engine. The fewer revs, the less fuel is used. Shifting to a higher gear sooner will mean you are burning less fuel.

  1. 2. Drive at a consistent speed

Coupled with the first point we mentioned about shifting to a higher gear, if you are constantly changing speeds, you may also be switching gear too often which will cause the engine to use more revs. If you are in a relatively built-up area, you should keep to a speed that is consistent with the traffic situation. If there’s lots of traffic, trying to speed up and then having to slow back down will use more fuel. Similarly, if you are travelling on a motorway, try sticking to one speed, whilst keeping to the left at all times as this will mean there are fewer revs required.

  1. 3. Consider a less built-up route

Even if travelling through a built-up area is fewer miles, it can actually be less economical than choosing a more rural route that happens to be slightly more miles. Built-up areas often mean there is more chance of stopping and starting as well as reducing speed constantly. This itself will use more fuel than you would at a more consistent speed on rural roads.

  1. 4. Don’t idle with the engine running

Not only is this bad for the environment, but it’s also bad for economic driving. When idle, if you keep your engine running, you will still be using fuel. If you are sat idle with the engine running multiple times during your journey, this is wasted fuel. Most newer cars have stop-start technology whereby the engine will automatically switch off when you come to a stop.

  1. 5. Reduce the amount you carry

If you have a car that is cluttered with stuff you don’t really need, you can improve your fuel efficiency simply by getting rid of stuff you don’t need.

Most people are guilty of letting their car become a holding area for things, whether it’s stuff leftover from a previous journey or maybe even children’s car seats that are rarely used but continue to weigh down the car.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but it covers some of the easiest ways to drive more economically. If you are looking for a quality used car that is more economical for your circumstances, speak to the team at Perrys Used Car Outlet in Doncaster, Milton Keynes or Luton.

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